improve oral issues, like your bite.


Bleaching could be a common and widespread natural process accustomed color teeth. Some folks get their teeth bleached to create stains disappear, whereas different simply desire a whiter shade.

Discoloration happens within the enamel and may be caused by medication, coffee, tea and cigarettes. Discoloration can also be hereditary or due merely to obtaining older.

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Bleaching are often performed by your medical man within the workplace or, beneath dental management, at home. several patients relish bleaching reception as a result of it’s additional convenient. Treatment begins once your medical man creates a custom mouthpiece to make sure the proper quantity of change of color resolution is employed which your teeth area unit properly exposed. Typically, change of color reception takes 2 to four weeks, counting on the specified shade you want to attain. change of color within the workplace might incorporate one or additional 45-minute to one-hour visits to your dentist’s workplace.


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Bonding is tooth-colored material accustomed fill in gaps or amendment the colour of teeth. Requiring one workplace visit, bonding lasts many years. Bonding is additional at risk of staining or breaking than different sorts of restoration. once teeth area unit broken or slightly decayed, guaranteed composite resins could also be the fabric of selection. Bonding is also used as a tooth-colored filling for little cavities. to boot, it are often accustomed shut areas between teeth or cowl the whole outside surface of a tooth to vary its color and form.


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Crowns, conjointly called caps, cowl a tooth to revive it to its traditional form and look. as a result of their value, they’re employed in cases wherever different procedures won’t be effective. Crowns have the longest lifetime of all cosmetic restorations, however area unit the foremost long.

VeneersĀ dentist in san diego

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Veneers area unit skinny items of ceramic ware or plastic placed over the front teeth to vary the colour or form of your teeth. Veneers area unit used on teeth with uneven surfaces or area unit broken, discolored, oddly formed, inconsistently spaced or crooked. very little or no physiological condition is required. Veneers area unit accustomed treat a number of identical issues as bonding.

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This treatment is another to crowns, that area unit costlier. The procedure needs your medical man to require an impact of your tooth. Before the customised veneer is cemented directly onto the tooth, your medical man can gently buff the tooth to make amends for the added thickness of the veneer. Once the cement is between the veneer and your tooth, a lightweight beam is employed to harden it. ceramic ware veneers need over one visit as a result of they’re fictional in an exceedingly laboratory. Veneers have a extended lifetime and color stability than bonding.

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Contouring and reshaping

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Tooth reshaping and contouring, could be a procedure to correct crooked teeth, broken or on an irregular basis formed teeth or perhaps overlapping teeth in an exceedingly single session. Tooth reshaping and contouring, is usually accustomed alter the length, form or position of your teeth. Contouring teeth might also facilitate correct tiny issues with bite. it’s common for bonding to be combined with tooth reshaping.

This procedure is good for candidates with traditional, healthy teeth however World Health Organization wish delicate changes to their smile. Your medical man can take X-rays to judge the scale and site of the pulp of every tooth to make sure that there is enough bone between the teeth to support them.

Which procedure is true for me?

Your medical man will answer any queries you will have regarding techniques accustomed improve your smile. The condition of your teeth and desired result you would like typically dictates the most effective procedure. If you’re considering a treatment, there area unit a couple of queries you’ll raise your medical man before deciding if a specific procedure is true for you.

What will the changes look like?
What ought to I expect through the course of treatment?
What variety of maintenance are going to be required?
What ought to I rummage around for in an exceedingly cosmetic dentist?

In order to create positive your medical man is mean in dental medicine, the yankee Academy of {cosmetic medical manry|dentistry|dental medicine|odontology} (AACD) recommends that you simply raise your dentist for the subsequent things before undergoing treatment:
Before and once photos. These photos can permit you to look at the results of different patients being treated by the medical man to create positive his or her work fits your dental desires.
References. References permit you to induce a way of the standard of care the medical man provides.
Proof of continuous education. make certain that your medical man has taken continued education courses to stay him or her up-to-date with the most recent techniques in clinical dental medicine.
Your medical man will answer the queries you have got regarding the techniques accustomed improve your smile. The condition of your teeth and your required result typically indicate the most effective procedure for you.